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All for streeties!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Dimple lives in an alternate universe -- people consider her an oddball, a misfit, a maverick, an eccentric. She smiles indulgently, carrying on with what she has been doing for the better part of two decades, to wit, providing a sanctuary to street animals right in her home.

Living in the dusty by-lanes of Meerut near the cantonment area, Dimple has converted her house into one big shelter for streeties, with more than 50 dogs living with her. She feeds them herself every day, and goes for multiple vet visits when any of them falls sick. Such is her reputation for caring for street animals that people often quietly leave puppies, injured dogs, sick dogs at her doorstep, and slink away, without as much as a donation of Rs 100! This adds to her burden, as the numbers keep swelling. And if all this was not enough, she faces constant harassment from her neighbours, and even the police, who want her to get rid of the dogs. But Dimple stands firm, doing whatever it takes to keep her furry companions safe.

If you wish to help Dimple, send her a donation so that her life becomes just a little bit easier. You can contact her at 9219218319

(Suneeta Kaul is a journalist, having started her career with The Economic Times in New Delhi. She has worked with several publications in various cities since then, and has also done a stint in the corporate world. Keenly interested in current events, she is a champion of social justice, equality and human rights, besides being a gender and street animal welfare activist.)


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