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The Kloud9 Community – K9Konnect

The K9Konnect is an Offline+Digital Hybrid engagement model that intends and is purposed to engage the young student, working professional or young academican community for generating awareness, developing cause championship of relevant national or socially relevant issues and for building bridges among each other beyond the realms of social media or the virtual digital universe.


Kloud9Konnect aims to created properties, events and platforms for active, consistent and regular engagement with young audiences in the age groups of 15-23. The idea to capture the attention and active participation of these youngsters and the future of India’s citizenry is to expose and enliven them to the beauty, realities, the wonders and the bitter truths of living in the modern world. Kloud9Konnect creates annual “Open Microphone” opportunities and event properties that allow intermingling of ideas, meeting of minds, debates, discussion, articulations on any issue that GenZ sees pertinent and relevant.


Some of the new properties under development include -

The National Children’s Literature Festival 2022 powered by Kloud9


About NCLF


National Children's Literary Festival is Kloud9's flagship event and one of its kind in the Eastern zone, through this event that is attended by acclaimed authors, speakers, storytellers, thinkers, filmmakers, musicians and artists, that spans over the course of two days, we plan to imbibe a custom of expression through the arts and culture. 


Our Parent Organizations and Benefactors


Supported by our renowned parent organizations, KIIT and KISS, founded by our esteemed founder Dr Achyuta Samanta, both of which are well known for providing voice and platform to various tribal communities, Kloud9 and thus NCLF falls under the same umbrella.  KISS, comprises KISS Foundation, KISS School & College and KISS University. KISS Foundation is an NGO in India headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. School, College and University is the educational wing of this initiative located at the intersection of food, education and empowerment.




NCLF is scheduled to be held on 19th & 20th Nov, 2022 on the premises of KiiT International School, Bhubaneswar.


NCLF 2022


NCLF 2022 edition aims to provide a safe space for students and learners to ask questions and participate in immersive activities that will help them inculcate a more positive and constructive approach towards the written, spoken word and the creatively articulated word. NCLF will delve into critiquing, studying and discussing various creative art forms and artistic expressions such as cinema, performance art, story-telling and music, as we believe that the essence of our being is heavily rooted in expression, and what better way is there to express ourselves than through artistic mediums?


NCLF 2022 will be a physical event with an estimated footfall of over 1000 student and academic delegates, celebrity authors and performers


Author Deliverables


Kloud9 actively believes in creating mutually beneficial collaborations that helps craft a conducive ambience to operate at an intellectual level. Kloud9 shall urge the indulgence and participation of every attending delegate to engage in discussions or anchor creative workshops. The purpose of these workshops and open air sessions would be to engage the students in constructive discussions or activities through their respective areas of interest. Kloud9 will also invite and allocate a physical exposition space for the promotion of books written by young upcoming authors.


Kloud9 will happily provide absolute freedom and the flexibility to student delegates to choose their subject matter themes, topics, and content as long as they are socially engaging, encourages social consciousness yet apolitical and non subversive in nature.


Further details such as slots, timings, nature of activities will be relayed upon your confirmation.

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