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Kloud9 Competitions and Contests

  1. The Best Feature or Article of the year – Will be decided after sifting and sorting through articles by young contributors for the Calendar Year of 2022 (Jan-Dec Issues of Kloud9)

  2. The Emerging Student & Young Photojournalist – this will be a photofeature campaign with awards and rewards beckoning aspiring photojournalists or photo-authors to come forward with visuals captured by them using amateur or professional equipment.

    1. Only “Original Stills” Will be invited as entries for this photofeature campaign and competition.

    2. Still Photography entries would be invited across multiple categories for which information shall be shared on the Kloud9 website and Social Media handles of Kloud9

    3. Photofeature contributions would be invited from December 2022 through January 2023. The finalists and eventual winners of each category would be declared in the first week of March 2023.

  3. The Beat-The-Street or Live-The-Street Recognition – Pick up your favourite cause, art or articulation – such as if you are young emerging Street Artist, Wall Painter, Sand Artist or curate any art forms, physical or digital  then send us your entries at ___________


Kloud9 – Create Your Own Digital Event – An upcoming Property of Kloud9 in 2023


Watch This Space For More.... as We Embark on a K9K Journey to a better, brighter and exciting future for India and Kloud9

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